The Tree House FAQ

Why is this blog called the Tree House blog? 

The Tree House is our household name for my home office, which is not technically in a tree but boasts a large window that looks out on a very old and loveable oak tree. So it feels like you are nestled in its branches.

Where should I eat, drink, and stay in Seattle? 

Most of my favorite spots appear in these guides I created for Condé Nast Traveler, however if you want updated recs just comment on a post and I will fork them over.

What are your qualifications for writing about food and drink? 

I started covering food and drink at Seattle Met back in 2007, founding the Sauced blog—which covered the local cocktail scene—and cofounding Nosh Pit, a dining news blog and newsletter.

Then I moved to Washingtonian magazine in D.C., serving as the online dining editor and dining chat producer. I was also one of three restaurant reviewers at the magazine. Both years I worked there, the team received nominations from the James Beard Foundation Awards for outstanding coverage in a general-interest magazine. But my favorite project was recapping the short-lived Life After Top Chef.

In 2014, I took a job as a writer at ChefSteps, working alongside development chefs to hone my knowledge of the cooking process and collaborating with them to publish recipes for everything from laminate dough to Peking duck. My role evolved to UX and content-as-product development, but I kept contributing to publications in a freelance capacity.

Is blogging fundamentally narcissistic? 

I do feel like I’m talking about myself a lot here.

Got more questions? Simply comment on a post and I’ll either answer directly or write a post about it.