How Will Amazon’s New HQs Impact Local Dining?

How long have we been talking about where Amazon would build its new HQ? Feels like forever. Then, just like that, we knew: Long Island City, NY and Crystal City, VA (or should I say National Landing, VA?!)

In an enticing role-reversal request, Jessica Sidman—the food editor at Washingtonian, where I used to be food editor—asked to interview me for a related article. She was exploring how the Crystal City campus might change the local food scene, and wanted to use Seattle as a case study.

I’m used to being on the questioning side of interview exchanges, and with the situation flipped, I found that I talked, a lot. Couldn’t stop, in fact. So, so much talking.

Fortunately, Jess is talented at editing out the noise. Here’s her very good article.

Oh, and if you are interested in reading something about how Amazon has impacted Seattle’s dining scene, I wrote about that a while back.